Veteran Star - Spencer Korman

Nick Moore, Thursday September 19, 2019

Don’t ever mistake Spencer Korman’s monotone sarcasm for dimmed wits or lack of interest. The father of two, cigar smoking, motorcycle riding, hard hitting beast of a man is into your conversation, and interested in beating you on the diamond!

He’s positioned perfectly to capture his first Reaper Cup. His high flying Cards offer a deep line up that is bolstered with Korman’s size and strength. One out of every 5 hits is slammed for extra bases. Korman can hit for average and power, run, throw, and defend with some of the best in the league! He’s not a quitter and can mentally get inside the heads of all that make it to the base he’s defending.

When the game ends he’s typically first in line for handshakes-quick to the lot to chop his cigar of choice and indulge in the camaraderie the league has to offer.

With all remaining teams playing for their lives tonight it should be a very promising evening, for some, at The Green!