About Us

The Richmond Hill Men’s Recreational Baseball League was founded in 1985. Being a Softball town, Richmond Green was born with Richmond Hill’s first hardball diamond. League founders Bob Barton, Mark Tulloch, Scott Ross and John Leonard started the RHMRBL with 4 teams, mostly comprised of local 20-something year old men looking to play like the Blue Jays. Enough of the 13 inch beach ball…let’s play “real” baseball. The new league played its games on the weekend and was sponsored by Terry Robertson, great friend to the RHMRBL…and not a bad player!!!

Over the course of 35+ seasons, the RHMRBL has 6 teams with players ranging from 19 to 50+. Our league is open to all sizes, shapes and abilities. We play a competitive, but fun game and always return to the parking lot for a few laughs. We have a Reaper Cup Championship, an All-Star Game and league BBQs.
During the pre-season, we look to host ongoing Winter Workouts to shake the rust off and get ready. Beyond that, we host our annual League Draft, giving us all a chance to come together and watch the teams each year take shape! Our season always starts with the RHMRBL Spring Training Day in early May, a great way to meet your new teammates, and play some baseball.

The RHMRBL is a family!!!  A group of friends of all ages that get together twice a week for some exercise and competition. We play at Richmond Green in Richmond Hill on Thursday and Friday nights & again on Sunday afternoon. We may not move as fast as we once did and some of our waist sizes have increased, but we love this game and the Richmond Hill Men’s Recreational Baseball League gives us a chance to fulfil our dream…play some “real” ball, and don’t get hurt!!!

  • Preseason Spring Training Day
  • 24 Regular season games – May to Sept. (any combination of Thursday or Friday nights & Sunday afternoons)
  • 2 Playoff games guaranteed, up to a possible 9 more games
  • Full Pro Grade replica uniforms
  • Subsidized, year-end Awards dinner

All games are played at the Richmond Green Diamonds located at Leslie St. & Elgin Mills Rd. in Richmond Hill.

Cost for the Season:

  • $500.00 if paid before February 29, 2024 (Early Bird Special!)
  • $525.00 from March 1st until Draft Day



We also offer an option for players who wanna get onto the diamond but don't necessarily have the time for a full season of baseball:

  • Part-Time Player Package for only $150 Includes:
    • RHMRBL Generic Jersey
    • The ability to participate in up to 5 Regular Season Games (If you are unable to make any games, you will be refunded $100)
    • A chance to showcase your talent to the league, and get a foot in the door for a future full-time commitment
    • Ability to pick and choose games you play in as they are made available for you to participate in.
    • You will not be eligible for participation in playoff games