2022 Summer Update

Martin OBrien, Tuesday June 21, 2022

It’s the first day of summer! And with our teams now comfortably settled in a third of the way into the season, let’s take a look at some standouts from each team!




James Allison has returned to the mound after being away from RHMRBL for two seasons, and he hasn’t missed a beat. Twirling gem after gem each time he reaches the mound, Allison has managed to carry the load for the undefeated Braves squad with pinpoint control and nasty offerings. 


Not to be outdone, Rookie Standout, Josiah Pratt has taken the league by storm with his massive fastball. The lefty features a hearty fastball and curveball to keep hitters off balance, racking up over a strikeout per inning early in his RHMRBL career. 




The Ageless Wonder, AJ Leitch has continued his torrid hitting early into the 2022 season. His power has been on display this season already, slashing plenty of doubles and a home run just a third of the way through. With continued steady defence in the middle of the diamond, Leitch continues to push for more playoff glory after finally breaking the seal in 2019. 


Garison Ma has also played a big role on the Twins this season. Finding a role in their rotation, Ma has dazzled on the mound putting up 2 wins and most recently holding the Cubs bats quiet through 4.2 innings. Look out for Ma to step right into an even bigger role as the season continues. 




Antonio Salatino has joined the league and is making an immediate impact. The 19 year old has torn the cover off the ball early on, sitting with an OPS comfortably over 1.000 so far. The Rookie phenom is already living up to his potential seen at the Rookie Tryouts, and we look forward to seeing the third baseman continue his torrid pace. 


Backing Salatino is perennial first round pick, Jordan Levy. The sure-handed short stop continues to torch the league on both sides of the ball. Nothing will get past him if it’s on the ground, and his power bat will leave pitchers looking for answers as he goes on to be among the top players of RHMRBL. 




Michael Stolarski leads the league in innings for a reason. Stolarski features incredible offerings on the mound and rarely doesn’t find himself pitching deep into games. The rubber-armed righty for the Orioles has been a revelation for the team, especially as a rookie. If you don’t watch out, he’ll also beat you with the bat, as he hits for power at the plate and could win an entire game just on his own. 


Last year’s Rookie of the Year candidate, Kyle McKay, has come back even better than ever. Currently leading the league in home runs, it’s clear that McKay is showing off the skill and ability that many saw in him during the 2021 season. Leading his team in almost every offensive category, McKay shows no sign of slowing down as the season continues on. 




Hunter Lee jumped from the Rookie selection directly into the draft, and for good reason. The pitcher/shortstop has been absolutely vital for the Cubs out of the lead off spot, getting on base 73% of the time and scoring 10 runs already. He’s also wowed in his limited time on the mound, outdueling Josh Winer on opening day and handing Winer his first loss since 2013. Lee will continue to lead his team with the bat and on the mound to what may hopefully be his first of many Reaper Cups. 


Lee’s battery-mate, Afsheen Taheri has also been a big standout for the Cubs. The catcher has arrived with steady defence and a strong approach at the plate early into his RHMRBL career. A player who will definitely shoot up draft boards in the years to come, look out for Taheri to take over that top catcher spot. 




Josh Winer has been showing exactly why he was the number one selection in the draft. With each start he’s gotten stronger, flashing top end strikeout stuff and limiting scoring chances for his opponents. It also helps that he’s been among the best in the league when it comes to hitting, reaching a .600 average at this point in the season. 


Brandon Lublin is not to be undone, as he currently is one of the hardest outs in the league. When you see him at the plate, expect to find him quickly on base ready to score a run. The Mariners have been relying on his big bat early on to score runners and provide strong defence in the outfield. The Mariners captain will look to keep up the pace as his team begins to gear up for playoffs. 


With plenty of games left in the regular season, we look forward to seeing who will be among the best of the best for the 2022 season. The dog days of summer are approaching for the RHMRBL, and there’s plenty of excitement and competition to be had. Best of luck to all teams going forward! 

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