2022 League Draft Recap

Martin OBrien, Sunday April 3, 2022

2022 Draft Results

The League Draft for the 2022 season is in the books! Thank you to all who came out in celebration of the new season kicking off, and coming together for the first time at an event since the end of the 2019 season! Let's look into how the draft shaped up!

Brandon Lublin and the Mariners were able to secure the first overall pick in this year's draft, and with his pick, Lublin chose Josh Winer to headline his team! Winer, both potent with the bat and on the mound, will give the Mariners a great #1 option during the season. Congrats to Josh Winer for coming in as this year's #1 overall pick!

The Louis Rosanova led Braves would not be outdone by the Mariners, as they decided to go with flamethrower, Mitch Sadofsky with the second pick. The first-time captain will be looking for Sadofsky to both lead the rotation with his big fastball, and keep the catching unit stable during the season. 

Hall of Fame Captain, Paul So and the Athletics would pick next, going with the perennial first-round pick, Jordan Levy. Levy, a 3-time MVP and possibly the best shortstop to ever grace the Green, will look to give So the steady defense and middle-of-the-lineup bat that any team would love to have.

Returning Captain, Rob Katz and the Twins picked up a shortstop of their own with the fourth pick, as Rookie Phenom, Conner Stevenson, would find himself drafted in the first round after his incredible debut season. Stevenson amazed in his rookie campaign, showing off a strong arm, and at his very best, blasting three home runs in a single playoff game! 

League Legend, Richard Rendek and the Orioles, seeing top-level arms and shortstops come off the table early, decided to grab an ace of their own by grabbing James Allison with the fifth pick. Allison can create an impact on both sides of the ball, as one of the league's premier catchers and pitchers. 

With the final pick in the first round, first-time captain Leo Scire and the Cubs took another well-storied arm, picking the all-time leader in innings pitched and 5-time Pitcher of the Year, Waylen Nelson. Nelson has been a top-2 pitcher in Richmond Hill for 19 seasons and provides the Cubs with a steady presence and a workhorse mentality at the top of their rotation.

Our first round kicked off with a bang, and much of the draft left us all excited and in awe of what may come for the season ahead! The captains have now moved to conduct trades ahead of the Wednesday deadline! Will your team make a major splash? Or will they look to add more depth? Prepare for a great season at the Green full of fun, competition, camaraderie, and be ready to chase for the Reaper Cup!

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