Time For The Finals!

Nick Moore, Friday September 20, 2019

The tale of two teams.

Last night saw the close to the semi finals and the qualifying of both the Phillies and Cardinals for a final tilt.

In the Cardinals (#1) and the Giants (#5) series, game 1 saw the streaking Giants come out strong ready to play. They scored 3 times before the Cards came to bat. The Cards with a brief bye hangover answered back with 4. Scored 3 more in the second and cruised from there winning 13-3. James “J.A.” Allison was tough and the Cardinals led by Paul Cook, AJ Leitch, Josh Winer, and Jordan Winch took advantage of some misplays by the Giants. Of note, Spencer Korman contributed with a massive 4 hit game.

Game 2 was a classic Barry Lexchin vs Jason Booth back and forth bend but don't break game. 

It was 11-9 Cards in the top of the 7th with 2 before the lightning came and halted the show. Both teams came back Sunday but Mother Nature had the final say forcing the game to be finished Thursday ahead of game 3 if necessary.

At the restart last night, Brandon “Lubs” Lublin came in to PH and fought JA to a 2-2 count fouling some off before lining a single to LF. That hit was followed by another single, double, error, single for a 2 out 6-run rally. Winer pitched 2 scoreless innings. 

Cards win 17-9.

Of note, Paul “PSo” So, Michael “Zimmy” Zimmerman, and Alim Manji all played their hearts out in a losing cause.

The Phillies (#3) were pitted against the Twins (#2) in a battle for the ages. Game one saw Jordan “Lips” Lipson dominate as he had all season. Tal “TaliG” Grossman started out strong singling in his first two at bats and scoring both times before suffering a calf injury that saw him leave the game in the 6th. With Mitch Sadofsky clearly hurting, the Phillies offense were able to run wild. Richard “Dickie” Rendek was a leader and warrior as all Jordan “JLev” Levy and Pierre “Mookie” Abrahams could do is watch as Lipson worked his magic over a very strong performance by Adam “Fire baby” Firestone.  8-4 final game 1.

Game 2 was the complete reversal of fortunes. With Nick “Polite-O” Polito returning from injury, Michael “Coop” Cooper, and Louis Rosanova came to life as they lead the charge spanking the Phillies 16-0 ahead of the rain and lightening. Michael “MVB” Van Bommel had a strong showing as Mike “The Kid” Vent dominated. With Grossman injured and not playing, the tide had turned and the Phillies future was uncertain.

The rain that postponed play Sunday changed the Phillies destiny. Injuries were healing, but it also gave Jordan Lipson a chance to pitch once more. Lipson did not disappoint.

Game 3 had the Twins take a 3-0 lead into the 3rd before Spencer Heide drew a walk and Alan “Axe” Akselrod smoked a double to open the floodgates. The Phillies led by Jeremy “Sunshine” Reason, Paul “DP” Della Pena, Mike Ostfield, and the return of Tal, never looked back. With JLev on the mound, the  Twins’ infield was exposed and the Phillies capitalized on every opportunity they were given. 8-4 final.  Coach Dickie was undeniable as both his defense and offense were dominant. 

Tonight on Diamond 7 we’ll see the start of the finals. Everyone is encouraged to come out and cheer for the teams and/or players you’d like to see capture it all. It’s been one heck of a summer... and it’s all coming to a magnificent end! ~ TaliG