Veteran Star - Michael Zimmerman

Nick Moore, Wednesday September 18, 2019

To understand Mike “Zimmy” Zimmerman’s value around the league, all you have to do is captain one year and pick him on your team.  Almost immediately after the draft is done and it’s the trading period, the most asked player to trade for from the other captains is Zimmy.  Everyone knows what kind of talent he is and how he can effect the game on both sides of the ball.

Offensively, he’s a pesky hitter and opposing pitchers know that once Zimmy gets on, he’s a major threat to swipe a base or two.  His speed and aggressive base running puts  tremendous pressure on the defense.  

But defensively is what separates Zimmy from the rest.  He makes the spectacular plays look routine and his “Devo” style smooth glide in centerfield is a treat to watch.  He’s a perennial gold-glove finalist having already won it twice.

As a teammate, you can’t find a better one.  He’ll do what’s asked of him and never complains.  He often plays at less than 100% health and will do what it takes to win the game for his team.

Zimmy entered the league in 2007 and tasted sweet champagne in his second year but hasn’t crossed the finish line since.  He’s hoping that will change with this year’s Giants but the Giants face an uphill battle Thursday to force a game 3.  But rest assured that if there’s a play to be made that involves Zimmy, then the Giants will be in good hands to come out on top. ~ PSo