IBEW Bowling League shall bowl every Wednesday for 32 weeks, commencing the second Wednesday following Labour Day; and finishing by May.  The League will NOT bowl December 25, 2019 and January 1, 2020.


Practice will commence at 6:45pm.

CTF Sanctioning

The League will be sanctioned for 2018-2019 season. See sanction fees later in this document

Turkey Roll

The Annual Turkey Roll will be held the first Wednesday in December; there will be no entry fee charged.


The management of this League shall be vested in the Board of Directors; which consist of the Executive Officers and Team Captains. A majority at board meetings shall constitute a quorum.

Board of Directors Authority

The Board of Directors shall adopt the league rules, and must decide upon all disputes, complaints or protests.

Executive Officer Duties

The duties of the officer shall be those as noted in the rule book.


  • League’s Chief Executive Officer
  • Ensures bank account is opened in the League’s name at an insured and recognized bank or credit union.
  • The account must have at least two League Officers’ signatures for all fund withdrawals.
  • Will schedule Board of Director (Captain) meetings as required or requested.
  • When required appoints committees.
  • Enforces all league rules and CTF playing rules.
  • Verifies league accounts monthly.

Vice President

  • In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.
  • Assists the President and Executive Officers as required.
  • Organizes all fundraising efforts


  • Assists the league officials in the responsibilities of the league.
  • Keeps minutes of all league meetings; handles all correspondence for the league; and notifies the members or captains of all league meetings.
  • Provides copies of league rules to each Captain.
  • Posts a league schedule on Playtime bulletin board.
  • Keeps a list of league bowlers and substitutes.
  • Is responsible for all records of team and individual scores, current standing, and awards, and enforces all IBEW bowling league rules, and CTF rules.
  • Responsible for the CTF Membership process


  • Establishes a bank account in the name of the League with the signatures of at least two officers needed for withdrawal.
  • Responsible for collecting weekly fee from all bowlers and for paying Playtime Bowl the weekly lineage fee as per agreed contract.
  • Responsible for a complete accounting of all receipts and disbursements. On the request of the President or Board, prepare a current financial statement to each Captain.
  • At the end of the league schedule, distributes all prizes within 21 days; distributes a detailed financial statement; and, distributes a prize distribution list.

League Sergeant-at-Arms

  • The Executive officers may appoint a sergeant-at-arms at any time to assist in the counting of election ballots.

Team Captains

  • Represent their teams and serves on the league’s board of directors.
  • Collect weekly league fees (inclusive of arrears) from team members and forward them to the league treasurer.
  • Responsible for the personnel and attendance of the team in league play.
  • Enter the team member’s names in the line-up before the league series begins, if necessary.
  • Enter the scores on score sheet, validate opposing teams’ scores & points, sign the opposing score sheet, secure the opposing team captain’s signature and forward it to the league secretary promptly at the end of the last game. All scores are final once the score sheets have been signed.
  • Distribute prize money won to the team members at the banquet, or in the absence of the bowler at the banquet within 15 days of receipt. In the event the team captain is unable to distribute prize money, the team can forward this money back to the Treasurer.

Bowling Fees

The amount to be paid each week by each bowler is $20.00. Once a month each bowler will be asked to pay $25.00 to cover the extra cost of lineage and to avoid handling coins (loonies/toonies) by the Treasurer on a weekly basis.


The Secretary and Treasurer shall be paid $200.00 each for the season. Salaries are payable at the Bowling Banquet.


  • Returning bowlers shall start the new season with their finishing average from the previous season.
  • All new bowlers shall use their highest average from yearbook on a minimum of 21 games
  • OR a new bowler without an established average will bowl three games the first night they come out, after which a handicap will be awarded and added to those games.

Averages will be calculated after completion of 9 games in the new season.

Handicap: 90% - 210

Team Rosters

Each team shall consist of four players OR three players and one Dummy Score. Teams can consist of all men or all women.


Teams are allowed to designate their own spares. Names of such spares shall be given to the secretary. If there are spares available they will be placed accordingly. Team captains must notify the secretary as early as possible if they need a spare. A spare must have bowled 21 games in our league to qualify for play-offs. The absent bowler is responsible to pay the lineage fees of the spare bowler. Spare bowlers must be sanctioned.

Legal Line-up

  • Based on a four player team, a legal line-up is defined as two players present and bowling OR one player present and bowling, plus, a bowl-off score, at the start of the game.
  • Based on a three player team, a legal line-up is defined as one player present and bowling, plus, the Dummy Score.

Dummy Score: 190 scratch (zero handicap)

Absent Bowlers

  • Absent bowlers will have 10 pins taken off their average per game and full handicap will be given.
  • Absent scores are not counted towards their average.
  • If a bowler must leave mid game due to injury or illness, the following must take place: Take his/her average and subtract 10 pins. Divide that number by 10 frames. Add that amount to each remaining frame of the unfinished game.

Tardy Bowlers

Late bowlers shall be permitted to bowl from the first frame providing the game has not progressed beyond the final bowler of the third frame.

Pre-Bowled (Bowl-Off) Games

Bowl-Offs by any player of any League will NOT be allowed on Friday and Saturday evenings from the hours of 5:00 pm to 3:00 am at Playtime Bowl.

Pre-bowled (Bowl-Off) games shall count towards team scores but not for CTF awards.

You must bowl 2/3 of the season to qualify for any award. When rolling a bowl-off the first 3 games must be used in consecutive order. All bowl-off scores will be calculated into the bowler’s handicap.

All bowl-off games must be accompanied by a computer print out.

Declared Bowl-offs

Alternatively, a bowler can Declare a Bowl-off prior to the start of the evening play. Declarations must be made to the league Secretary and cannot be accepted after the start of the first game. Declared games can be used in place of a Bowl-Off when a bowler expects to be absent. A set of 3 games (Declared Bowl-off Games) can only be applied to maximum 2 weeks of league play. If a bowler will be absent more than 2 weeks then his/her absent score will be used in those subsequent absent weeks.

Bowling Unopposed/Team forfeiture rule (Lack of Legal Line-up or Team Failure to Appear)

When a team is bowling in a known forfeit situation the following procedure will apply:

  1. The forfeiting team will not receive any point(s).
  2. The team present must bowl at least the team average less (10) pins per player to qualify for points.
  3. Players on the forfeiting team who are present may bowl but their scores shall not be included in the team’s total pins. They will however count towards individual averages and league prizes.


The IBEW League will no longer be split into 2 series. Top overall team at the end of the regular season (30 weeks) will win the league. There will still be 2 position rounds during the season. After the end of the regular season , all teams will participate in a 2 week playoffs.

Position Standings

Standing shall be determined on a point basis, 2 points for each game and 1 point for totals.

The team with the highest number of points will be declared the League Champs and will receive the “Money Prize”. In event of a tie an extra game will be bowled.


Based on a 6 team league. Rules to be amended based on number of actual teams in the League during the 2019/2020 season.

All teams participate in the Play-offs. Playoffs will be played over 2 weeks. No bowl offs are allowed. Prize money will be awarded accordingly.

Collection of Weekly fees

It is the responsibility of team captains to collect weekly fees & arrears, and forward to the Treasurer by the end of the first game. Any bowler in attendance without funds available must pay by the following week or they will not be eligible to bowl. No bowler will be allowed to bowl more than three weeks without payment of league funds. Under no circumstances will a bowler be allowed to pay just the prize money.

Absentees will be required to pay the full amount for each week missed.

Postponed games

In the event that an entire team is not available for bowling, the team captain must notify the secretary and the team captain of the other team they are schedule to bowl. If all are in agreement the teams will pick a time to bowl-off together.


The Banquet will be held on the Wednesday, 1-2 weeks after the play-offs. Location to be determined by the Board Executives.

Banquet Committee

A banquet committee may be established if required.

Banquet Tickets & Awards

Ticket and awards will be allotted to only those members on the League roster at the end of the year who bowled 2/3 of the season.

  • Any person who quits the League before the end of the season forfeits all League Awards, prize monies and Banquet ticket.
  • Any person unable to bowl due to an injury or illness before the end but who has bowled and/or is paid up in full for 2/3 of the season will be eligible for Banquet ticket.
  • Any bowler not able to attend the Banquet will forfeit their Banquet Ticket.


An account in the League’s name will be opened at an insured and recognized bank or credit union with at least two League Officers signatures required for all withdrawals. All funds will be deposited in the league account within seven (7) days of receipt.

Payment to House

All payments to House (Playtime Bowl) will be done through a cheque or cash issued through the IBEW bank account. In the absence of the Treasurer, the Executive officers may decide to make other payment arrangement for that night only.

Sanction Fees

Sanction fees for the 2018-2019 Season have been set by CTF at $28.00 per bowler. Sanction fees must be paid by the end of September to the Secretary.

Executive Officers sanction fees are paid for by the league.

Strike Pot Tickets

The tickets will be sold by the President or Vice President. TICKETS will be 8 for $5.00 or 3 for $2.00.

Once your name has been announced and comes down from the overhead screen, the next frame bowled will count as the Strike Pot frame, regardless of the lane.

If a STRIKE is thrown the pot money will be won. No strike! One (1) dollar will be paid for every pin fallen, the balance will carry over to increase the strike pot for the following weeks.

A pot will be capped at $100 and additional pots will be started thereafter.

Inclement Weather

If bowling is cancelled due to bad weather, the Board will notify Playtime Bowl plus, every Captain. It is then the responsibility of each Captain to notify his/her team members.

All decisions will be made by 4:30 pm of that same day.