Mid-Season MVP (Part 2): Cubs and Twins

Martin OBrien, Friday July 15, 2022

With the mid-way point of the season now in the rear-view mirror, the time has come to award some of the very best players with the title of “Mid-Season MVP”. 

As we continue on with our short series of articles, let us focus today on the Cubs and Twins selections for Mid-Season MVP!


Cubs: Hunter Lee


It’s not often that a rookie makes such an immediate impact on their team. Often times many a new face join the league and take time to develop into stars, but on occasion a player will come in with generational talent and really stand out among his peers. 


This year, that player is Hunter Lee. 


Boasting a 1.193 OPS, leading the league in walks, and being a dominant force on the mound, Lee was the absolute clear cut candidate for the Cubs’ Mid-Season MVP. 


Starting off his pitching career by handing long-time ace and fellow Mid-Season MVP, Josh Winer, his first loss in a decade, alongside providing dominant performances in each outing, Lee has already accomplished more than anyone could have expected in his first season. 


The fiery right-hander will torch any opponent with his combination of pitching ability, hit tools, speed, and defence at the shortstop position. Truly he is the complete package at such a young age, and the Cubs will continue to lean on his arm and bat as the playoffs approach! 


Twins: AJ Leitch 


What is there to say about AJ Leitch that hasn’t already been said? Coming off an MVP season in 2019, Leitch has managed to reach another level in the 2022 season. 


Batting to a ludicrous 1.597 OPS on the back of incredible contact and power abilities, Leitch is on his way to put up his best season ever in his RHMRBL career. But his value doesn’t just end at the plate. 


Leitch has put together quality outing after quality outing on the mound for the Twins this year, giving his team a much needed arm as they await for their playoff rotation to take shape. 


To add onto his stellar year, he’s also stepped up to catch for his team, providing a strong presence behind the dish for the Twins, and proving to all who play against him that he truly can do it all. 


When asked, Captain Rob Katz has this to say about his Mid-Season MVP selection: “He’s giving the team great ABs, hitting with power, is an asset of defence and has taken a selfless approach willing to pitch and catch to help the team where needed.” 


With the season reaching the back-half, look out for Leitch to potentially claim his 5th MVP award! 

Make sure to keep watch for the final addition to our Mid-Season MVPs, as we turn to the Braves and Orioles and their picks! 

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