Veteran Star - Steve McHale

Nick Moore, Tuesday September 17, 2019

Hey Mickey you’re so fine! Steve “Mickey” McHale is one of the nicest guys to ever Grace the Green. Whether driving up in his Mini, on his bike, or mystically appearing with his socks high and gear ready, McHale is always a welcomed sight. 

Since landing a home in The RHMRBL, McHale has quickly grown accustomed to the traditions and style of ball the league has to offer. A leader, Mickey is vocal on the bench, charismatic on the field, and brilliant in the lot. Featuring above average power, the lefty can slice you up the middle or expose the outfield if not situated properly. Behind the plate he’s equally as vicious. A potent arm, McHale isn’t fearful of getting hurt or dirty. He’s as tough as they come-resilient and strong.

Post game Steve’s talents continue to shine. Whether he’s the beverage monitor or just another consumer, McHale is funny, educated, and an all around great person to hang with. It really seems like the good Lord doesn’t make ‘em like Mickey anymore.

It’s been an amazing playoffs so far with the action continuing Thursday! Good luck to all that are still in the hunt for Reaper’s treasure!