Rising Star - Paul Della Penna

Nick Moore, Wednesday September 11, 2019

Tough to find a classier act than Paul Della Penna. Answering to his sobriquet “Noodles” as dubbed by league legend Richard “Dickie” Rendek, “Pauly DP” serves many roles as the summer plays on. He helps maintain and prep the field of play, typically first to the diamond with a bucket of balls to pitch BP, has sandwich night after some games, and is one of the last to leave the lot. He exemplifies the term “Grace The Green”, as his presence is always one of the most welcoming sights as a teammate.

Della Penna is one of the most versatile players the RHMRBL has to offer. He can pitch, play all infield and outfield positions, hit in the clutch, bat anywhere in a lineup, and steal you a base if needed. His leadership and presence are evident - you can hear Pauly all game, whether from the dugout or field, with words of encouragement for both his team and teammates.

Winning two championships in his first three years, Della Penna is looking to add his third title this summer. He has been a major contributor to the success of his Phillies. With the second round starting tomorrow, you can be sure that Paul DP will be in the thick of things!

Rising Stars, Veteran Stars, and League Legends alike, the RHMRBL is a place we can all call home.